The Japan Times looks into the Tokyo escape game scene.


Escape Game Nazobako Tokyo In The News!

Earlier this month, Japan Times journalist Masami Ito stopped by Escape Game Nazobako Tokyo to get the lowdown on what is happening around town when it comes to escape games. While many players have already discovered real escape game experiences, the concept is still new to most. Along with an explanation of how escape games came to be and interviews with several of us in the industry, Escape Game Nazobako Tokyo is featured alongside many of our extended family in the escape game business.

As pioneers in the world of escape games both in Japan and abroad, SCRAP has been creating great puzzles for over 10 years. Their latest project is Tokyo Mystery Circus, a multi-level establishment across town in Shinjuku with lots of games, some of which are also in English.

Also located in Shinjuku is InSPYre (get it?!), a 10-minute secret agent storyline with many different ways to get through the scenario. The scene is populated with employees posing as guards and other characters that may be obstacles to your success.

Over in Harajuku, lasers may be your downfall in Escape from the Museum. This 30-minute game is available in Japanese and English. You might have to bring your physical agility along with mental stamina to make it through that one.

Our section of the article highlights our 3 games at Escape Hunt Tokyo in Asakusa as a great team building opportunity for companies. I was also interviewed about our outdoor team building event called Hidden Secrets Journey. We hope to introduce this fun adventure to more people who are looking to discover Tokyo in a new and exciting way.

Of course, we here at Escape Hunt love escape games! We play them too and we are excited to be part of a growing industry. When more people uncover the enjoyment and thrills to be had in live alternate reality games, we all are winners.

Check out the article for yourself: Japan Time