Proactive Planning


Don’t let the opportunity to invigorate your team slip away.

Often our daily tasks are merely reactive–we need to respond to external events, rather than creating our own circumstances. As they say, c’est la vie. But what would your to-do list look like if it were proactive?

“Schedule team building event” should be somewhere near the top of that list. Every organization knows the value of creating a space to make sure that the bonds between associates are as strong as can be. The problem comes when regular tasks fill up your workday. When that happens, planning a great team building activity gets pushed off to another day that seems to never arrive.

That is, until the end of the annual cycle when time is short and hopes for a quality plan are dashed. In the rush to get something on the calendar, leaders end up settling for the same old mediocre plans like dinner and drinks (where people who already work well together sit together and are not motivated to interact with everyone).

Even when you are genuinely motivated to book a program for all members of your team, the size of your group can become a daunting challenge. Above about 20 people, the options for engaging content becomes limited and planners may settle for a seminar speaker. Done well, these lectures can be full of important ideas and information. However, the biggest limitation of this kind of program is the passive nature of the presentation. Participants may have trouble engaging with the concepts, no matter how valuable the content. That’s why it’s good to think ahead and start looking for other options for larger groups.

This year is the time to take action! Invite Japan has a plan that is just right for every group size or situation. Make planning a well-crafted team building event a top priority. Just like a car tune-up, regular group bonding events throughout the year ensure that your teams are running at their peak performance.

When is the best time to plan your next team building event? NOW!