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Team-building, puzzle-solving, mystery escape game!
Perfect for social functions, company events, and more!
Family, friends, couples....any type of group is welcome!

Puzzle Solving + Team-building

Go beyond
language, age, nationality
while having fun

Many major companies have used our teambuilding techniques to boost performance–and have came back for more! When office energy starts to slag, call on us for a fun teambuilding program that will give you an upgrade.

Puzzles + Teamwork = Everyone Wins!

You won’t find another place that caters to Japanese and foreigners at the same time. Our bilingual staff (who collectively speak 6+ languages) is quite capable of providing high quality omotenashi (service) to anyone and everyone. It is one of the reasons why we consistently get five-star ratings.

Whether you are at our facility or participating in one of our other programs, we provide an engrossing experience like nothing else. Your worries completely float away when you immerse yourself in trying to solve a puzzle. When you finally do, you reach that wonderfully refreshing “AHA! Moment”. We invite you to experience this moment with us.

Service!5 Different Program Types

At Our Facility
Interactive Escape Game

Great for families, friends,couples, dates, and teambuilding.
Have fun solving a mystery and learning together!

Team Building Private Event

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Dispatch Game
Suitcase Mystery

We deliver the puzzle to your office or conference room in this mobile game, where you have to solve the mystery hidden in the suitcase.

Team Building

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Scavenger Hunt
Hidden Secrets Journey

Solve puzzles around town in this outdoor scavenger hunt style game! Perfect for large groups and even community events!

Team Building Private Event

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Team Building Plus +

Forge even stronger connections with the right tools! Our workshop is the perfect supplement to our other activities.

Team Building

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Customized Event

Customize your own events with special puzzles or challenges. We can help you add a little something extra to your event!

Team Building Private Event

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There’s no other experience like it–an exhilarating and refreshing sense of accomplishment that will strengthen relationships and boosts motivation!

3 Reasons To Plan An Invite Japan Teambuilding Event
At Our Facility


Fully Bilingual & Service

Because our wonderful staff is made up of many non-Japanese, we have the unique ability to provide high quality service in a number of languages: Japanese and English of course, but also Thai, Tagalog, French, Spanish, and more.

The glowing reviews our staff receives online show that we are fully able to accommodate foreign firms and/or mixed team-building groups. No matter who you are you will receive our five-star service and communication support. It is one of our proudest accomplishments.


Japanese-themed Puzzles and Game Rooms

In our “Samurai” and “Zen” rooms, players get the chance to physically interact with Japanese culture and history. The rooms and the objects inside have all been remodeled, allowing guests to literally step into Japan’s past and explore. It is why these games are so popular.

Japanese as well as non-Japanese can enjoy these games. Anyone can share in the incredible atmosphere of the rooms, the exquisite “Aha! Moment” that comes from solving puzzles, and the joy of clearing the room in time, no matter the language gap.


Asakusa Is The Perfect Place For Sightseeing

Our facility is just a stone’s throw from the heart of downtown Asakusa, making it easy to plan a sightseeing trip after the game! Sensouji-Temple, Kaminarimon, Nakamise-douri, and all the famous tourist spots are within a 10 minute walk from our facility!

For large groups, accommodating restaurants abound, including some that are Halal certified.

  • On the GInza Line: 3 minute walk from Tawaramachi station (one stop before Asakusa station terminal).
  • On the Asakusa Line: 5 minute walk from Asakusa station
  • On the Tsukuba Express: 3 minute walk from TX Asakusa station.

6 Ways Invite Japan's [Puzzle Team Building]
Activities Stand Out

  1. Friendly, 5-star customer service

    Our fully bilingual staff (Japanese + English) are fully at your service to make your time here as enjoyable as possible.
    We are proud to have received a customer service satisfaction rating!* from~?
  2. Experience That “Aha!” Feeling

    Forget about the stresses of daily life as you immerse yourself in a world of solving puzzles. It’s an exhilarating and refreshing feeling all at once!
  3. Stimulate Your Senses

    Anyone, no matter where they are from, will feel the thrill of engaging multiple senses at once. See, feel, touch, explore! Our puzzles stimulate different intelligences as well: numbers, logic, cryptic symbols, and more!
  4. Quick Access to the Heart of Asakusa

    Asakusa is a wonderful area for sightseeing and taking in traditional Japanese culture. With Sensouji, Kaminarimon, and Nakamise-douri only a quick walk away, your group can easily plan more things to do after visiting us. Plus, the area has great restaurants that fit every kind of taste (as well as offering Halal certified options). It’s a town fit for any type of event.
  5. Categories Won’t Get In the Way

    Age, gender, nationality...whatever artificial distinctions might exist among team members in your group will be broken down by the time they complete the final challenge. Our games naturally unify teams, and forges a common sense of accomplishment. The bonding doesn’t end when the team leaves the room though. Everyone will be talking about the memories they shared for days to come.
  6. Make Your Event Completely Unforgettable

    We aren’t satisfied with just any regular event. We are committed to planning an event that will be impossible to forget. Our staff loves the challenge of planning events like this, so no matter how large or small, we will make your event fit your needs and customize to your wishes.

Customer Reviews!

Team Building

We all were having fun and high-fiving! I felt like it completely opened me up to people I had just met.

Our group had just started working on a project together, so we did a team building activity. At first we were like, “What are we supposed to do? Help!” But then we found some clues, and we started solving puzzles and getting into it. As we began to work together we started feeling more like a team. The staff gave us just the right kind of hints, and we successfully escaped in time (although it was pretty close)! It was really just an awesome experience. The staff were completely wonderful across the board. I definitely want to bring my family here!
Excerpts from reviews by TripAdvisor

Private Event

It’s Like A Whole Other World

I was so taken with everything there. It was so refreshing! I felt like both my brain and body were completely fired up, especially during the final push to the finish., and after I finished I felt really good. The facility is beautiful and well-kept, and staff is incredibly nice and friendly. I will come back for another challenge for sure!
Excerpts from reviews by TripAdvisor

Accomplishments!Recent Collaborations and Achievements

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Company Message!

We want to build an experience where EVERYONE–Japanese and non-Japanese, male and female, old and young–can overcome these artificial boundaries in order to work, learn, and have fun together!

Look, touch, feel, think, take action.

Real experience is the key to stimulating genuine human emotions and creating life-long memories.

Our leading team of creators, planners and innovators develop fun team building projects shaped around the Five Live Experiences for families, friends, couples, corporations and large organizations. (*See "Five live experience activities" for details.)

Tourism is a popular topic in Japan. As more and more people visit, an increasing number of foreign companies are expanding into the country.

Corporate leaders urgently need to activate communication and team-bonding that goes beyond basic differences of nationality, language and culture.

If you are searching for experienced, reliable service that caters to the distinct needs of multinational teams, look no further. Our staff of Japanese and international professionals (who collectively speak 6+ languages) is uniquely qualified to provide high quality service to anyone and everyone. Our attention to detail and emphasis on the Japanese concept of omotenashi are just some of the reasons why we consistently receive five-star ratings and enthusiastic, positive feedback.

Whether you are visiting our comfortable facility in Asakusa, Tokyo, or participating in one of our many other customized programs, we provide an engrossing experience like nothing else. You will spend your time focusing on the immersive fun of problem solving with those around you who matter most. You and your comrades will attain that supremely satisfying "AHA!" moment together.

We invite you to experience this moment with us.

Founder & CEO
Invite Japan, Ltd.

『Puzzle Solving+Team-building』= Everyone Wins!
Go beyond language, age, nationality– while having fun

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