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It’s Like A Whole Other World”

I was so taken with everything there. It was so refreshing! I felt like both my brain and body were completely fired up, especially during the final push to the finish., and after I finished I felt really good. The facility is beautiful and well-kept, and staff is incredibly nice and friendly. I will come back for another challenge for sure!
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Team Building

We all were having fun and high-fiving! I felt like it completely opened me up to people I had just met.

Our group had just started working on a project together, so we did a team building activity. At first we were like, “What are we supposed to do? Help!” But then we found some clues, and we started solving puzzles and getting into it. As we began to work together we started feeling more like a team. The staff gave us just the right kind of hints, and we successfully escaped in time (although it was pretty close)! It was really just an awesome experience. The staff were completely wonderful across the board. I definitely want to bring
Excerpts from reviews by TripAdvisorから抜粋

『Puzzle Solving+Team-building』= Everyone Wins!
Go beyond language, age, nationality– while having fun

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