Don’t Wait for Special Events

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Getting stuck in a routine

With each passing quarter of the new year , it’s very easy to settle into a routine. There are no more bounenkai or shinnenkai to mark our calendars, and hanami parties float away, like sakura petals in the wind. With no special events to hold our attention, it can be easy to forget that team building events are just as important as ever.

Team-building all year round

Special events, like the end of the year, the new year, and hanami, act as yearly reminders that we need to focus on relationships and team-building. They make us aware that we need to let loose and really get to know our team outside of the work environment. Unfortunately, what we forget is that real team-building and development should be constant endeavors. Outside of the regular, yearly rites of social team-building, Invite Japan can provide you with activities that will boost your team-building all year round. This can mean both supplementing your other team social activities, as well as boosting the gains and momentum that these team activities engender.

Think outside the box

Often, when planning social or team-building events, the busyness of the season can make the planning a bit rushed, and the events themselves feel like they’ve been done before. A dinner with drinks is the classic example. And while this may be fun, it leaves out people who don’t like drinking, and doesn’t engage the team on a level beyond socialization. Even if a dinner and drinking party work well for your group, it’s likely that you can tap into the gains made at that event by holding another team-building activity, which strengthens your group further.

Start Planning Now

Holding multiple, exciting, and different team-building events throughout the year will help your team flourish. We at Invite Japan can help you plan for any group or situation, all year long. So, what are you waiting for?