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What sorts of team building events do you offer?

- We offer escape game rooms at our Asakusa facility called NAZOBAKO

- The Suitcase Mystery game can be organized at an on-site venue of your choice

- Hidden Secrets Journey is an outdoor a scavenger hunt type game.

- The Team Building Workshop is a 3-hour program that includes a one-hour game, a presentation analyzing group dynamics, a discussion session based around different team roles, as well as a variety of hands-on games focused on improving communication and having fun.

What can participants expect to get out of playing games together?

- Participants join forces in small groups to solve an exciting series of logic puzzles and mental challenges. This unusual experience lays the groundwork for communication and bonding that rarely happens in typical work settings.

- Colleagues who may find it difficult to connect with each other during daily routines suddenly find themselves relying on each other in order to succeed together.

What is the maximum number of people for each event?

- Each room at NAZOBAKO has a capacity of 5 players for a total of up to 30 people across our 6 game rooms during a single game session. For larger groups, we recommend splitting into two or more back-to-back sessions.

- The Suitcase Mystery consists of a box designed to be played by 4-6 people. We can provide the equipment for 10-70 people to play up to 12 games all at the same time, given the proper amount of space.

- Hidden Secrets Journey is for teams of 4-6 players. The number of people all playing at the same time depends on the location of the game, but this game is typically for 40-200 people.

- We have created events for 1000+ people, so let us know what you have in mind and we will create a challenge that is right for your group.

What is the minimum number of people for a Team Building event?

- As long as you have two players, we will find just the right event for you.

In what ways is it possible to customize your events?

- NAZOBAKO escape games are fixed and offer very little customization.

- The Suitcase Mystery consists of several stages that can be customized and expanded to accommodate different scenarios. Ask for further details.

- Hidden Secrets Journey is a highly customizable adventure created using existing landmarks and locations. Puzzles and answers can be developed according to given circumstances. Challenge us to create something truly special for your event!

What is the typical timeline for planning and implementing a Team Building event?

- We recommend booking a Team Building Workshop at NAZOBAKO at least one month in advance. However, it is possible to plan a games-only event in as little as a few days. Contact us as soon as possible to check and confirm availability.

- The Suitcase Mystery standard game and workshop must be booked at least one month in advance and an initial payment of at least 70% must be made at this time. Any customization requests must be made at least two months in advance.

- Hidden Secrets Journey is available at least one month in advance for Asakusa, Tokyo and Yamashita Koen, Yokohama. Requests to develop HSJ for other locations must made at least two months in advance.

What is the cost per person?

-Invite Japan charges a flat rate starting at ¥4500 per person (plus tax). Our 3-hour Team Building Workshop programs start at ¥8500 per person (plus tax). Suitcase Mystery pricing starts at ¥7500 per person (plus tax, 90min) and Hidden Secrets Journey pricing starts at ¥8500 per person (plus tax, 180min), but additional charges for logistics, customization and other factors will be included as the need arises. Let us know your budget and we will create the right event for you.

What methods of payment are accepted?
- Typically, we send invoices by email to be paid via Japanese bank transfer. If you would prefer to pay via credit card, we can issue invoices through PayPal. In some cases, we can accept international payments. Contact us for details.
When is payment due? Can we pay in installments?

A non-refundable initial payment of 50% of the total must be paid in order to guarantee the date and time of any Team Building event reservation. Payment schedules are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the location of the event, number of participants, customization options and other factors. However, full payment for any Team Building event must be received at least one week prior to the event.

Can we pay at a later date after the event?

- No, all invoices must be paid in full before the Team Building event begins and any outstanding charges for extra participants or logistics must be settled before the Team Building event begins.

Will you send us a cost estimate?

- Yes, just let us know your event details and we will email an estimate to you.

Can we get a refund for players who are absent on the day? Can we add players on the day?

- No. Booking our services is similar to booking a meal at a restaurant or a seat at a concert. All of the preparation and staffing required for a quality event is done before the event. Getting an accurate number of participants for your event is necessary for invoicing, preparing the venue, presenting any associated material and running the games.

- Yes, but adding participants late in the planning process requires extra attention. While it is possible to add a few people up to and including on the day of the event, payment for extra participants must be settled before the event begins. Please notify us as soon as you would like to change the agreed upon plan.

What can we expect from your staff/facilitators on the day?

- For a typical event at NAZOBAKO, our staff, or “Game Masters”, oversee each step of the escape game adventure from the start. They welcome players, take pictures, explain the rules, and start the timer. During the games, Game Masters make sure that players are comfortable and that their games are going smoothly. If for any reason the team needs assistance during their 60-minute game, players can easily summon a Game Master right away. Whether teams succeed or fail, the Game Master will conclude the game by answering any questions and making sure everyone had a good time. Upon returning to the lounge, Game Masters will provide light snacks and drinks for players to enjoy.

- For a typical Suitcase Mystery or Hidden Secrets Journey event, staffing can be anywhere from 3 to 30, depending on the size of the event.

- For a typical Team Building Workshop, one Facilitator will lead most of the event while games are overseen and reset by a team of 3-5.

In which languages do you offer activities and events?

- Escape Game NAZOBAKO Tokyo is a bilingual facility where all support material is in English and Japanese. Our games require logic and intuition, but not necessarily language skill. Our staff are from many places around the world. We are all able to welcome players, explain the games, and answer most questions in English and Japanese. Some of us can speak other languages as well!

- The Suitcase Mystery can be played in English and Japanese.

- Hidden Secrets Journey can be played in English and Japanese.

- While the Team Building Workshop is lead by a Facilitator using mostly English or mostly Japanese depending on the composition of the group, all printed support material is in both languages or is presented in a way that is language neutral. The goal is to create an inclusive presentation where everyone is able to follow along and participate equally. Throughout the event, participants are free to speak the language they are most comfortable using.

Can groups with different language abilities work together?

- Yes, that is the point! Our games are perfect cases where language ability is not required in order to work together and be successful. In fact, by the end of your event, all participants will have a new appreciation for the unique communication styles used by everyone on your teams.

What is the best group size? How should participants be grouped?

- Our games are all designed to be played by groups of between 2 and 5, but sometimes more. The goal is to have several heads working together to solve problems without anyone getting lost.

- Thoughtful grouping can make sure your team gets the most out of your event. There are benefits to different strategies, depending on your situation:

Is a Team Building Workshop similar to a seminar?

No. The seminar format of sitting and listening to a speaker is mostly a passive experience for participants. The goal of a Team Building Workshop is to relate to the Facilitator, but also to build strong bonds between participants. Team members will be physically active and mentally alert. Players should expect to leave the event feeling tired from all of the action, yet energized from new concepts and valuable insights.。

Can we change the date or time of our event? What if we are late?

- No, once your event is booked and paid for, we begin preparing right away. Any cancellations are processed as a "no-show". Only under rare circumstances can we allow a date or time change. In such a case, rescheduling fees would be charged.

- If you will be late, contact the facility immediately and we will work with you to find a solution.

- How can participants prepare for the event?

Your escape game may be part of a larger day of activities both before and after. We encourage you to give your participants plenty of time to arrive and prepare for their adventure, as well as time after the game to “cool down” and process the experience. Rushed or hurried players don't do as well and may feel stressed rather than energized by the experience. We have organized events for thousands of teams and can help you to plan strategically so that everything goes smoothly.

『Puzzle Solving+Team-building』= Everyone Wins!
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