Mystery Hunt in Yokohama Unveiled: Team-Building Challenge Geared To Energize Student Groups In Learning English, Exploring Yokohama’s Iconic Culture Opens


Invite Japan, Inc. (located in Asakusa, Tokyo; formerly Escape Hunt Tokyo) is proud to present Mystery Hunt in Yokohama, a scavenger hunt-style game for students. This program will allow class trips and groups to explore the richness of Yokohama’s history while embarking on a fully English/Japanese bilingual team-adventure! While Invite Japan offered this program to corporate clients in the past, the Yokohama Tourism and Convention Bureau has given its approval to release the program to student groups. We have therefore updated our program so that it matches the needs of school trips and class field trips. Against the backdrop of dynamic Yokohama, students will have the chance to practice their English skills, forge deeper relationships with classmates, and form lasting memories.

Why Mystery Hunt in Yokohama is the Perfect Fit

English lessons are now a well-proliferated part of the educational system. At the time of their high school graduation, most Japanese students will have taken at least 6 years of English language instruction. At present though, there aren’t too many opportunities to use this acquired knowledge in a natural setting. The desire for more activities that incorporate English and other languages is only likely to increase. Invite Japan’s program is the perfect way for students to use English in a fun and interactive environment.

Of course, student groups are also welcome to Invite Japan’s Escape Game facility, NAZOBAKO Tokyo, in Asakusa. There they will use their communication and thinking skills, and let their imagination and creativity run free. It provides yet another opportunity for them to utilize their knowledge outside of a school setting.

As people grow older they tend to become more afraid of failure, more worried about what others may think of them. This way of thinking can get in the way of expressing one’s creativity or sharing new ideas.The goal then is to remove these barrier by allowing people to escape from the ordinary day-to-day-routine and gain a sense of confidence in completing challenges in a fun new environment. Invite Japan’s interactive escape rooms are perfect for this. Plus, by refitting corporate team-building challenges for a wider audience, student can now take part in these activities. This will definitely give them an edge up in gaining the confidence and skills necessary to build their own future.

Experience the Cultural Sights and Sounds of Yokohama

From crossword and jigsaw puzzles to mazes and mystery novels, everyone loves some kind of puzzle. It’s so easy to get pulled in. Mystery Hunt in Yokohama combines puzzle solving in a setting overflowing with history and culture. Split into groups of 5–8 people, each team will have a different journey, with a different set of puzzle challenges to face along the way.

Solve Puzzles While Practicing English

This program is offered completely in English, which means students will have to use what they have practiced in class. They immerse themselves in the activities so much that that their English will flow naturally. And when this happens, they can share in their great sense of accomplishment as a team for having solved these puzzles in English.

A Sense of Accomplishment Leads to Lasting Friendships

Solving a puzzle produces a truly exhilarating feeling, whether alone or in a group. In a group this sense of excitement is how lasting memories truly form. This program especially will leave students talking about their experience together for a long time.

FUN + LEARNING + BONDING = An Amazing School Trip

We all know that information stick with humans better when their bodies are engaged and active. Mystery Hunt in Yokohama allows students use their brains to their fullest while walking around the city, building relationships and memories along the way.

Let Invite Japan help you plan an amazing school trip today!