To Accomodate More Players, We’re Expanding “A Suitcase Mystery”!


Invite Japan, Ltd. is expanding it’s popular “A Suitcase Mystery” dispatch game to accommodate up to 100 players.

Requiring not even an hour of setup, the game provides a small scale escape game experience for up to 100 people at once. As with all of Invite Japan’s services, “A Suitcase Mystery”is designed as fully bilingual (Japanese and English), so that mixed Japanese and non-Japanese groups can enjoy their experience together.

Released in October 2017, “A Suitcase Mystery” dispatch game was designed with events like international conferences, and mid-level and new employee training sessions in mind, although it can be used for many other kinds of events as well. The basic concept is that Invite Japan will bring and set up suitcases filled to the brim with different puzzles for the groups to solve, similar to a mini escape game. Until now “A Suitcase Mystery” has been played by smaller groups of around 30~40 people. However, with an expansion of services underway, Invite Japan is preparing to increase the offering available to 100 people.

Reactions from past clients:

“It was way more fun than I expected, and everyone enjoyed themselves and got into it.”
(High-tech manufacturer–HR)

“Usually I develop software, so I assumed this would be a piece of cake. But the puzzles used a different part of my brain than usual, so even though it was a challenge, it was really fun! I feel like it flexed my thinking ability.”
(IT service company-Development Dept.)
As 2019 begins, it presents a the perfect time to challenge ourselves, and to make resolutions about improving from the year before. It’s also a good time to start thinking about kickoffs, welcome parties, and other big company events. Why not make this year more interesting, exciting, and invigorating by inviting an escape game?

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