[New Product] Escape Game NAZOBAKO Tokyo releases its limited time only scavenger hunt game “HSJ Mission: Sakura”. Enjoy sakura and puzzles at the same time!


Nazobako Tokyo by Invite Japan, Inc. is excited to offer a special edition scavenger hunt-style game, HSJ Mission: Sakura! This fully bilingual game allows anyone–both Japanese and non-Japanese alike–to experience the beauty of the world-renown sakura while solving exciting puzzles.


These types of interactive games that involve puzzles are becoming increasingly popular around the world.
Immersive puzzles are proven to be effective stress relievers, refreshing both the body and mind at the same time. They also work well as team-building activities, allowing coworkers, friends, or families to bond closer together. These experiences are not simply entertainment; they stimulate learning and intellectual growth.

So far, Invite Japan, Inc. has offered its scavenger hunt challenge, HSJ (Hidden Secrets Journey) only to large groups such organizations and schools. Following an update to the program, HSJ will now be offered to the general public as well. The theme for this cycle fits perfectly with the sakura season that is about to start. As a fully bilingual program, this means that everyone can enjoy the charms and delights of Japanese nature during springtime. And while delving into “sakura culture”, participants can touch and explores the rich culture of Asakusa.

The exciting story of HSJ Mission: Sakura unfolds as follows…
“Fuujin is one of the many spirits that calls Asakusa his home in Tokyo. He uses the magical treasures from his home to create fortune and good luck for all. This year, Fuujin is making every effort for everyone to enjoy a long sakura season. But the mischievous sakura fairies have hidden his treasures around the city. You must help Fuujin to find his treasures before the sakura fairies can summon the winds of spring to blow away the sakura petals.”

HSJ is not your regular run-of-the-mill Asakusa. This adventure will take you down side-streets and back-alleys that you would never have seen before, giving you a thrilling and one-of-a-kind Asakusa experience. Instead of the busy, packed sakura viewing areas, you’ll be able to discover the quiet, secluded areas of peace and beauty that you and teammates can share. While working through the challenges, conversations will flow, bonds will form, and relationships will strengthen. HSJ is an truly immersive puzzle extravaganza that you will never forget.

Each Hidden Secret Journey pack can be purchased either online or in-person, and can be picked up at Escape Game Nazobako Tokyo in Asakusa at any time during our facility hours. While one pack can be enjoyed by several players at once, single players are welcome to try as well!

So why not enjoy this beautiful sakura season by combining flowers and puzzles?

【General Information】
HSJ Mission: Sakura
Price of one HSJ pack (one per group): ¥3,300 (tax incl.) *10% discounted online price
Please visit our website at www.nazobako.jp or visit our facility at NAZOBAKO Asakusa, Tokyo (10:00-19:00) to order your HSJ pack.
Pick up your pre-ordered packs at NAZOBAKO Asakusa Tokyo.
Once you have your pack, you can play whenever you like.

【About Invite Japan】
Invite Japan, Inc. uses escape room and puzzle-based activities to provide team-building services to organizations, companies, schools, and other groups. All of our products and services are offered in both English and Japanese. Escape games are widely used in Europe and North America as team-building events for coworkers, and so over half of our clients represent non-Japanese companies.


【About NAZOBAKO Tokyo】
You have 60 minutes from a room filled with puzzles, strange items, and mysteries. Our escape room facility hosted over 120 team-building groups just in the last year alone. Choose between 3 exciting storylines: Samurai, Zen, and Runaway Bride. All rooms provide a thrilling interactive experiences where participants act as the main hero in a mystery-adventure. Hints are provided in case you get lost, and the Game Master is always there to help you out and to serve you snacks and tea at the end. Let NAZOBAKO introduce you to the magical, entertaining world of escape games!

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