“An Enhanced Team-building Menu”: Invite Japan, Inc. Renews It’s Website, Services


Invite Japan, Inc. has updated its team-building programs for the age of globalization and diversity, along with a new website.

Specializing in interactive escape games and team-building challenges which strengthen organizations while drawing out individuals’ full potential, Invite Japan, Inc. (formerly known as Escape Hunt Japan), located in Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, has completed the renewal of its website and has enhanced its team-building options.

As globalization continues to progress, we believe that diversity must also be taken into account. Not just men and women or new employees and veterans, but also non-Japanese and LGBT as well. When diverse personnel are able to communicate effectively, their various strengths can resonate together with greater strength and harmony, producing better results for any organization, as well as creating a much more lively, creative, and engaging working environment for everyone.

In order to help companies and organizations accomplish this goal of establishing more truly diverse and harmonious teams, Invite Japan has updated and enriched its team-building programs.

On top of giving us a chance for a redesign, the experience of planning over 300 events and team-building challenges has given us the tools we need to refit and enhance our program menu, so that it can better serve the specific needs of our clients each time.

Now is the time of the year when organizational events most in demand. From end of the year and new year’s parties, to kickoffs, rallies, and conferences, we promise you that you will get productive results and then some by utilizing our team-building challenges.

Group size can range from anywhere between 3 and 100, and we are always up for the challenge of planning a new event based on your needs. Our escape game facility “Nazobako” can host up to 30 people at one time, while our dispatch game “The Suitcase Mystery” can be played with 12~72 people, and our scavenger hunt game, “Hidden Secrets Journey”, with 40~100 people. We hope you have fun at these team-building experiences, while strengthening group solidarity and cooperation.

We at Invite Japan can help you draw individual talents together to create a more valuable organization. Contact us today!

脱出ゲーム 「なぞばこ」   https://www.nazobako.jp 
インバイトジャパン株式会社  https://invitejapan.com
住所:東京都台東区浅草1-10-5 KN浅草ビル6F

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Phone: 03-6231-6621
Invite Japan: https://invitejapan.com/
Escape Game NAZOBAKO: https://www.nazobako.jp
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