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Perfect for colleagues, couples, close friends, and more! Play for fun or Team Building!

What is a “live escape game”?

  • At Escape Game NAZOBAKO, you get to play the lead role in an exciting mystery adventure! Once you are “locked” in the room, the lights come up, the clock starts clicking and it’s up to you to search for clues, solve puzzles, and find keys to the locks. Beware! Things are not what they seem... If you can solve all the clues and press the escape button within 60 minutes–you win! Sounds fun, right? Solving a really tough puzzle after a lot of thinking is also a great stress reliever. The minutes fly right by when you are playing a role as detective, so much so that you might not even notice that 60 minutes has ended! Top Points About Nazobako Location, Location, Location! One of our best features is our proximity to the delightful and historical Asakusa area (only a stone’s throw from Sensouji Temple!) Fully Bilingual Staff and Puzzles! We are fully equipped to handle Japanese, Non-Japanese, and mixed groups (Japanese and English are always available, but we can also offer services in Tagalog, French, Spanish, and a few others. Please inquire!) Our puzzles can be enjoyed by anyone! They are designed to be as language-neutral as possible, meaning that your enjoyment of the game is not dependant on knowing a certain language. The goal is to overcome language barriers and work together as a team. Everyone, from the boss down to the newest employee, will have a blast. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Recommended For....

People Who Just Want to Play Detective

Feel like you’ve stepped into a movie or novel and the main detective character is YOU! Smartphones are not allowed in the rooms, making it easier to fully immerse yourself in the room and let your imagination and thinking skills fly! You’ll definitely feel more relaxed, and have a tighter bond with your group, when you leave.

Escape Game Fans Who Want A Japanese Twist

Our “Samurai” and “Zen” themed rooms have a distinct Japanese style. You feel like you are are actually walking into Japanese history. Plus, it’s all indoors, so you never have to worry about inclement weather! Our location in Asakusa is a perfect supplement to our Samurai and Zen rooms, allowing you to further explore Japanese culture after getting a feel for it in our rooms. There's even Halal food in the area!

Mixed Japanese/Non-Japanese Groups That Want to Play Together

Whether you want Japanese, English, or a mix of both, Invite Japan has you covered. It can be difficult to find full bilingual support in Tokyo...luckily our bilingual staff can accomodate any kind of team or group, and support your needs with 5-star service!

The NAZOBAKO Escape Game Experience

Detach yourself from your smartphone and enjoy quality bonding time with your friends and coworkers, free from distractions. Our games can be played by anyone—men and women, old and young! Whether you are 7 or 70, discover the excitement of using your senses and working together with your team to solve all the puzzles! Prepare to use a variety of different skills and intelligences: your powers of observation, investigation, and inference, your imagination and intuition, as well as your logical reasoning and communication skills.
  1. Your mission is to solve all the puzzles in the game within the allotted time limit.
  2. If you want to win you will have to work together with the rest of your name. There’s no time to be shy; not sharing your ideas or being involved with the group won’t lead to success.
  3. Brains craves puzzles like the body needs exercise. After giving our escape games a whirl, you’ll feel happy and refreshed—just like after a workout.
There’s no other convenient, think-for-yourself attraction like us in Tokyo! Rather than passively having fun, our games allow you to take charge of your experience. See your coworkers in new light and take team building to a whole new level! You will have fun while growing closer together. Invite Japan welcomes you to try our escape games at NAZOBAKO today!


1 Game


1 Game + Workshop


※We accept groups of 1-30 people ※Double Deal (2 Games): 180 minutes/¥8500(+tax) That's a ¥500 discount! ※Double Games are very popular with companies!

Escape Game Flow

  1. Rules and Photos

    ・Game rules and procedures are explained ・Group photo session with our fun detective costumes ・Place your stuff in the lockers
  2. 3, 2, 1....Start!

    ・Game Master's introduction of the room ・Start the only have 60 minutes left!
  3. Solve Those Puzzles

    ・We can't tell you what puzzles you can expect to find ・Just know that you will have to use all you senses to uncover them and solve them ・Yay you solved one...but there's still more to go. This is a test of your team-working skills.
  4. Solve the Last Puzzle and Win!

    • Once you’ve completed the last puzzle you have successfully escaped. Congratulations and mission accomplished! • After escaping the room, we will serve you complimentary refreshments and snacks • Relax your mind after doing such a good job, and take it easy while discussing your achievements with your teammates • Handing out of certificates. These are not just any old certificates. They might just contain one more challenge for your team to complete…
脱出ゲーム 東京浅草「謎箱」オフィシャルサイトへ

『Puzzle Solving+Team-building』= Everyone Wins!
Go beyond language, age, nationality– while having fun

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