What You Need to Know About Global Team Building Standards In Japan

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Originally posted on 2018/1/18

International organizations of all kinds know the vital role that team building plays in fostering success. Diverse institutions that are set solely on expansion do so at the risk of weakening interpersonal ties and communication structures. Because of this, it is vital to keep members of the group interacting with each other.

There are many routine strategies for maintaining this organizational stability. It starts with understanding that corporate value increases when a dynamic work culture is allowed to flourish.

Make team-building events an essential part of your strategy

Whether your team has been working together on a daily basis for a while or is meeting for the first time, team-building challenges can create a framework upon which bonds can be formed and strengthened. However, modern organizations must go beyond the usual training seminar or dinner party if they want to tap into the deep well of talent and experience within their reach. It is also important to create the circumstances necessary to engage all participants. That’s why an extraordinary experience is a surefire way to ensure full participation and peak responsiveness.

Get out of your comfort zone

At Invite Japan, we go to great lengths to produce team-building experiences that inspire, excite and enhance your team and the memories they are sharing. When you have a message to introduce or core concept to reinforce, Invite Japan will help you develop the best opportunity to generate positive reactions and memorable moments.

For teams that work together regularly and think they know each other, it can be surprising and rewarding to change the setting, pace, and context. Interests, talents, and abilities express themselves in different ways than in a professional context or office environment.

No Drinking / No Smoking

Traditional business relationships may have been forged over cigarette breaks or alcohol after work. But this kind of discussion leaves a great number of people out of the loop.  But with changng international standards and diverse cultural norms mean that, new  accommodations must be considered. So, this is a great opportunity to break away from old-fashioned habits.

Team Building as Ice Breaker

Getting a conference or convention off on the right foot can be they key to a successful event. Since many strangers will be under pressure to meet and interact with each other, an exciting ice breaker program can focus attention away from the awkwardness of idle chit-chat. Participants can therefore get to know each other through much more task-oriented conditions and develop bonds more quickly.

Welcome New Members

Seniority can be a real barrier for managers to discover what motivates the newest additions to an organization. There may also be a generation gap that feels impossible to overcome. But a team building event that is appropriate for all ages and abilities can conquer such hurdles.

No Language Barriers

Invite Japan is an international team of creators and planners who understand the importance of planning bilingual presentations. Material to support games, workshops and exercises is all created in both English and Japanese. As a result, Invite Japan has the experience and qualifications necessary to make a successful meeting of cultures and languages go smoothly.


Invite Japan has developed events for as many as 1000+ participants across a wide range of industries and institutions. Our experience and know-how has also been recognized by the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau as one of the 40 Special Ideas For Corporate Meetings and Incentive Travel. And we are actively working with many organizations to bring M.I.C.E. (Meeting / Incentive tour / Conference / Exhibition) business to Tokyo.

Get information about our team-building packages

We have a variety of different packages and team-building experiences for you to choose from: Escape games (at our facility in Asakusa), scavenger hunts, customized events, and more!